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On this site you will have many insights to who you are, why you are here and where you are going. This is about listening to yourself for a change. And change you will as you allow yourself to tap into your own intuition and perception. This will put a whole new spin on your light-body-merkaba. Call it what ever you prefer. Everything is energy! 

As you see above there are four sections for Biosphere. Each one has thirteen different ways to lighten up your field. Monthly the orders change to keep you on the the right path (right minded.) As you will soon learn the body doesn't lie. When a sphere within the biosphere comes up take consistent steps of action towards working on that aspect. If in thirty days and your retest for your top priority and the same one comes up keep going deeper with the same aspect. You may feel surprised at what comes up, I assure you it is no coincidence. This system is geared for your connection to your higher-self. This is innerversity!

First things first learn to test your body for yes-no, strong-weak. There are many ways to test your own body for your answer. As you learn to tap into yourself the flow starts- you'll have direct feedback from your field.

Which one are you drawn to 1,2,3,4. Only after you test yourself to the biosphere should you move on. I repeat only than do you click on that biosphere. A word will come up followed by a description followed by thirteen aspects.. Be one with what it says for a minute. Now test to see which aspect you will work with. Only once you receive the answer do you move on. Do not open an aspect until you test for your answer.

Yellow Water Lily

This impart keeps you in the dark. This will build trust back to yourself and help you to circulate your biofeedback from within.

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Note to self: practice everyday to find my strength and weakness.

Be natural

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